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Integrated hardware and software track your asthma medication use, lung function, symptoms and environmental conditions. The BreatheSmart® app sends daily reminders, environmental alerts, and insights to keep you healthy and your caregivers in the know.

BreatheSmart® App

Respiratory health, made easy

Set medication reminders

Custom reminders to take daily medications

Inhaler Tracker

Automatically record use of control and relief inhalers

Measure lung function

See how open your airways are by measuring peak flow, FEV1, and other clinical metrics

Record symptoms

Keep track of symptoms, triggers and environmental conditions over time

Stay synced

Real-time data sync keeps you and your doctor connected like never before

Add caregivers

Involve friends and family to help keep you on track

mSpirometer lung function sensor

Learn how open your airways are

Understand your health by measuring lung function over time. mSpirometer™ Bluetooth mobile spirometer measures peak flow, FEV1 and FVC and other key metrics.

HeroTracker® sensors

Keep track of every dose

Bluetooth enabled medication inhaler tracker sensors designed for both control and rescue medications fit most MDI and Diskus inhalers, and automatically track medication use.

BreatheSmart® Connect

Detailed insights on the web

Explore your health trends on BreatheSmart® Connect, your personal web dashboard. Set up a friend or family member as a caregiver, and work together to stay healthy.

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