Smart technology and smart design, brought to respiratory health

Integrated respiratory hardware and software track patient medication use, lung function, symptoms and environmental conditions. The BreatheSmart® app delivers daily reminders, environmental alerts, and insights to keep people healthy and caregivers in the know.

BreatheSmart® App

Respiratory health, made easy

Set medication reminders

Custom schedules reminders for daily medications

Track inhaler use

Automatically record use of daily and relief inhalers

Measure lung function

See how open airways are by measuring peak flow, FEV1, and other clinical metrics

Record symptoms

Keep track of symptoms, triggers and environmental conditions over time

Stay synced

Real-time data sync keeps patients and providers current and communicative

Add caregivers

Involve professional and informal caregivers to aid in adherence and motivation

BreatheSmart® Data

Better outcomes start with better compliance

Clinical guidelines show patients should take at least 80% of their prescribed treatment plan but commonly reported medication adherence hovers around 30%. Cohero Health data show health outcomes far above industry norms to keep patients healthy at home.

BreatheSmart® Clinical

A full spirometry lab,
on a tablet

Perform clinical-grade spirometry in the clinic or offsite with a mobile tablet and mSpirometer™ lung function monitor. Sync data with the cloud instantly from anywhere.

BreatheSmart® Connect

Manage one patient or a whole population

Isolate at-risk patients to take fast action at the push of a button. BreatheSmart Connect shows individual and population trends over time. Instant messaging lets providers reach out to patients at home, before trouble starts.

mSpirometer lung function sensor

Clinic grade spirometry,
in the palm of your hand

Measure and monitor lung function with wireless spirometers that track PEF, FEV1, FVC, and all necessary metrics at home or in the clinic.

HeroTracker® sensors

Keep track of every dose

Bluetooth enabled medication inhaler sensors designed for both control and rescue medications fit most MDI and Diskus inhalers, and automatically track medication use.

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