For kids on the path to managing their asthma...Connected care even when parents aren’t there.

Meet BreatheSmart®.

It’s a “smart platform” designed to help your pediatric patients better manage their asthma. This self-pay subscription service gives caregivers the tools they need to help kids on the path to independence.

*The BreatheSmart App is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

*The BreatheSmart App is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Technology that helps kids manage their asthma?
Now that’s smart.

BreatheSmart helps your pediatric patients gradually take on more responsibility for their asthma. The platform works by sending medication reminders and tracking inhaler use, symptoms, and triggers—all while keeping parents connected to provide support at every stage of the journey.

The result is a transition of care that’s less worrisome
for parents and more empowering for kids.

BreatheSmart® works in all the ways that matter.1*

Decrease in rescue-medication use after only a 6-month period

Increase in daily controller medication use

>80% is therapeutically optimal to avoid an acute event

Of all users request to continue using the platform after a 6-month enrollment period

*Real-world evidence from a controlled study of self-management of asthma using the BreatheSmart platform in an adult population under approved clinical-study protocols.

In one study, 73% of caregivers reported that they stopped giving their child maintenance medication when symptoms improved.2

Why BreatheSmart® is a bright idea.2

Problem: Adherence

As children with asthma begin to take on more responsibility for their own care, adherence to maintenance medication often declines. In one study, adherence was as low as 8%.

The BreatheSmart® Solution

BreatheSmart supports the transfer of asthma management from parents to patients by providing dosing reminders and medication-tracking capability.

Problem: Missed doses

Studies indicate that parent and patient reports of medication adherence are unreliable. In one study, parents who reported that they missed doses missed at least half of them. Those who reported no missed doses missed at least 20%.

The BreatheSmart® Solution

BreatheSmart provides objective and accurate adherence data, enabling pediatricians to make more informed clinical decisions.


BreatheSmart® helps families tap into better asthma care.

Here’s how it works:

Medication Reminders

BreatheSmart sends customized reminders right to kids' smartphones, helping to ensure they stay on top of their medication schedule.

Medication Tracker

Once a child’s medication is logged using the BreatheSmart app, the HeroTracker sensors will capture control and rescue inhaler use. Over time, this accurate and objective data can help reveal any issues with adherence or overuse of rescue medication, helping you make more informed clinical decisions.

Asthma and Trigger Diary

Keeping a diary helps your pediatric asthma patients get into the habit of logging symptoms and triggers. Over time, this can help all involved gain a better understanding of the child’s condition.

Caregiver Functionality

Parents can easily keep track of their child's medication usage with the BreatheSmart caregiver functionality.

The BreatheSmart Connect website provides a more detailed analysis of symptoms, triggers, and adherence behavior, which parents can share with care teams during appointments. The platform also allows parents to stay connected with children, offer support, and send encouraging messages.

BreatheSmart® is Parent and Patient tested.3

Designed based on feedback from kids and caregivers

Developed and tested in partnership with leading children’s hospitals

More than 3 years of research helps ensure a positive user experience

Cohero technology is going to make my life much easier by automatically pushing data such as adherence.
—Andrew Ting, MD, Pediatric Pulmonologist, Mount Sinai Hospital

The platform allows us to easily check the adherence rates of the patients…and ensure their devices are syncing appropriately.
—Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Ramsey Asthma Lab

I’ve never even had adherence data in the past, so to have that at my fingertips is going to be extremely useful.
—Andrew Ting, MD, Pediatric Pulmonologist, Mount Sinai Hospital

Our adolescent patients and parents have commented that the HeroTrackers are easy to use and switch to a new inhaler.
—Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Ramsey Asthma Lab

The BreatheSmart app has significantly improved communication between the patients and interventionists during our behavioral intervention sessions.
—Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Ramsey Asthma Lab

BreatheSmart® empowers patients and supports parents every step of the way.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Makes adherence part of the routine.

BreatheSmart lets caregivers begin the process of teaching their children healthy habits by establishing a routine for administering daily maintenance medication.

Helps parents transition from care leaders to care supporters.

BreatheSmart enables your pediatric patients to gradually take on more responsibility for their own care, including being able to recognize and track their symptoms and triggers. At the same time, caregivers can stay connected, and provide guidance when needed.

Lets kids feel more empowered. Helps parents be less concerned.

Studies show that medication adherence declines when older children and adolescents are given responsibility without supervision.2 BreatheSmart allows the transfer of responsibility to be given gradually over time and allows caregivers to stay involved. The platform also provides historical data, so care teams can gain objective insights that help with clinical decisions.

Want to explore the BreatheSmart® platform for yourself?

Visit the BreatheSmart Virtual Tour for an interactive product demonstration you can explore at your convenience. Learn more about how the platform works and the benefits it can provide for your pediatric asthma patients and their caregivers. You can even use it in your practice as an educational tool.

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References: 1. Melvin E, Cushing A, Tam A, Kitada R, Manice M. Assessing the use of BreatheSmart mobile technology in adult patients with asthma: a remote observational study. BMJ Open Respir Res. 2017;4(1):e000204. 2. Bowks B. Factors that affect adherence with long-term controller medication used to manage asthma in children. Accessed October 28, 2018. 3. Sundar K, Gruschow S, Bryant-Stephens T, et al. Tailored medication adherence reminders and incentives for children frequently hospitalized for asthma. Paper presented at: Pediatric Academic Societies 2018 Meeting; May 5-8, 2018; Toronto, Canada.