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Meet BreatheSmart®.

BreatheSmart® helps kids manage their asthma. It consists of a mobile app and HeroTracker sensors that attach to most inhalers.
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*The BreatheSmart App is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

*The BreatheSmart App is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Technology that helps kids manage their asthma?
Now that’s smart.

BreatheSmart was designed to help kids gradually take on more responsibility for their own care. It works by sending customized medication reminders and tracking inhaler use, symptoms, and triggers—all while keeping you connected to provide support at every stage of the journey.

The result? A transition of care that’s less worrisome for you and more empowering for your child.


BreatheSmart® helps families tap into better asthma care.

Here’s how it works:

Medication Reminders

BreatheSmart sends customized reminders right to kids’ smartphones, helping to ensure they stay on top of their medication schedule.

Medication Tracker

Once your child’s medication is logged using the BreatheSmart app, the HeroTracker sensors will capture control and rescue inhaler use. Over time, this data can help show any issues with adherence or overuse of rescue medicine.

Asthma and Trigger Diary

Keeping a diary helps kids get into the habit of logging symptoms and triggers. Over time, this can help you, your child, and the care team gain a better understanding of the condition, what should be avoided, and which care decisions should be made.

News You Can Use

Receive useful content on topics ranging from exercise tips to managing triggers, right within the app or direct to your email.

Caregiver Functionality

You can easily keep track of your child’s medication usage with the caregiver functionality in the BreatheSmart App.

The BreatheSmart Connect website provides a more detailed analysis of symptoms, triggers, and adherence behavior, which you may want to share with your child’s care team during appointments. You can even send encouraging messages of support to keep your child on track.

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Why BreatheSmart® is such a bright idea.1

The transition of care from parent to child can be a risky time because kids can forget to take their daily maintenance medication. Missing doses can prevent kids from achieving asthma control, and that can lead to

Missed days of school

Inability to take part in certain activities

Overuse of rescue medication

More visits to the emergency department


To achieve asthma control, kids must take their daily maintenance medicine at least 80% of the time.1

The inhaler device was great…[and] the app made me feel good. It was great knowing someone else cared about me.
—Joe C.

This is a way for them to have some fun, be connected, but still take their medicine the way they’re supposed to.
—Melissa S., Mother

I’ve never even had adherence data in the past, so to have that at my fingertips is going to be extremely useful.
—Andrew Ting, MD, Pediatric Pulmonologist, Mount Sinai Hospital

On the journey to independence, BreatheSmart® helps empower kids every step of the way.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Makes adherence part of the routine.

When kids are very young, caregivers play a leading role in managing their asthma. BreatheSmart lets you begin the process of teaching healthy habits and getting your child into the routine of taking daily maintenance medicine.

Helps parents transition from care leaders to care supporters.

As kids grow, their need for independence grows, too. BreatheSmart allows your child to take on more responsibility for their own care, including being able to recognize and track their symptoms and triggers. At the same time, you can stay connected, provide guidance when needed, and send messages of support.

Lets kids feel more empowered. Helps parents be less concerned.

Studies show that adherence to maintenance medicine declines when older children and adolescents are given responsibility without supervision.1 BreatheSmart allows responsibility to be given gradually over time, while parents can continue to provide guidance as needed. By the time kids become teenagers, they should have a deep understanding of their asthma, how to manage it, and how to keep it under control.


A recent study showed that caregivers often miss more doses than they think—in some cases, as many as 50%.1

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Reference: 1. Bowks B. Factors that affect adherence with long-term controller medication used to manage asthma in children. Accessed October 28, 2018.