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I really love BreatheSmart. I am so grateful to be able to track my lung function and track my adherence.

- Alex 26, Pennsylvania

I’m extremely busy and because of that, I sometimes forget to take my control inhaler. Before BreatheSmart I had to take my rescue inhaler at least 3-4 times a week.  BreatheSmart has changed my life! I am consistently reminded me to take my control inhaler twice a day. Now that I’m reminded, I don’t take my rescue inhaler as much and my life has improved dramatically both professionally and personally.

- Don 38, New York
As a 34-year old mother, I have a hard time making self-care a priority, and have treated my exercise-induced asthma primarily with an emergency inhaler for over 25 years. My doctor has strongly urged me to take my controller inhaler for over a decade, but I’ve always had difficulty adhering to the schedule, and never make it part of my daily routine. The messages I get from the BreatheSmart app come directly to my phone, and the HeroTrackers document my doses, so it’s easy to remember to take my medicine and keep track of the missed doses.

I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in my breathing health since I started using the app. As a cyclist, I’ve grown accustomed to using my emergency inhaler 4-5 times during an 4-hour endurance ride. In the first 6 weeks using the BreatheSmart app, I virtually stopped using my emergency inhaler during the week, and often only once during heavy exercise. Seeing the the connection between my success with scheduled doses, the decrease in emergency doses, and comparing that to fitness data from my improved exercise routine has really helped me to take control of my asthma.

Using the BreatheSmart app and HeroTracker hardware has finally put me in control of my asthma. I was diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma almost 30 years ago, and because my symptoms aren't life-threatening, it's easy to be lazy about treatment. This meant overusing my emergency inhaler, decreasing its effectiveness. My doctors have been encouraging me to take Symbicort twice daily for over a decade, but I could never develop a routine to take it regularly. In the past 6 months I've been using the app, my breathing has improved dramatically. I'm able to exercise longer and with greater intensity, and I rarely need to use my rescue inhaler anymore. It's changed my health for the better!
- Mary 34, Texas

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